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Robet Koch

Robert Koch is a prominent German bacteriologist, the founded of modern microbiology.
 He was born in 1843,  died in 1910. When Koch became a doctor he carried on many experiments on mice in a small laboratory.

 In 1882 Koch discovered tuberculosis bacilli.
 In his report made in the Berlin Physiological Society Koch described in detail the morphology of tuberculosis bacilli and the ways to reveal them.
 Due to his discovery Koch became known all over the world. 
In 1884 Koch published his book on cholera. This book included the investigations of his research work carried out during the cholera epidemic in Egypt and India. From the intestines of the men with cholera Koch isolated a small comma-shaped bacterium. He determined that these bacteria spread through drinking water. 
In 1905 Koch got the Nobel prize for his important scientific discoveries.

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I am a first-year student of the Medical Academy at present. In six years I’ll graduate this Academy and become a doctor.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Morozevich Julia. I am 18. I was born on the 28th of October in 1993 in Tynda. Our town is situated in the North part of Far East. My native language is Russian.

Now let me tell you some words about my family. My family is not very large. There are four of us. The four members of my family are: my mother, my father, my sister and myself. Besides we have two dogs and a funny cat.
My sister is 19. Her name is Jenya. She is a first-year student of the Agrarian University. She will be a veterinarian in future. She studies very well. She finished school with a gold medal.

As for my mother concerned, she is a railroader. Her profession requires a lot of responsibility because she helps to control movement of train. My mother is an excellent cook. She looks after the house and takes care of all of us.
My father is 43. He works in a forest. He is a blaster. He works a month and rests a month, and doesn’t live with us. He has an own apartment not far from us.
My grandparents live in Blagoveshchensk. They are retired. They have old-aged pensions. They both are in good health.
I am very happy with my family and love it very much. 
My hobby is a needlework. I have some embroideries which I give to friends and relatives. But now I don't practice hobby, because study in the Medical Academy takes a lot of time and energy.